Student mobility

If you are a KAJL student of English and are interested in an Erasmus stay at an EU partner university in the academic you may find general information concerning the programme here and here

The list of partner universities

Students’ experience with their study at partner universities  


Student Mobility – Outgoing

Details about the whole procedure concerning outgoing students

The summary of the process concerning outgoing student mobility

The department of English Language and Literature joined the programme as early as 1998 with our first partner being the University of Joensuu, Finland, and since then the number of partner universities has grown to 17. So every year as many as 30 students can apply to spend a semester or one academic year at a partner university to study English. See the table for universities and number of places available.

The application process starts in February, when the list of places for the following academic year is published and students are invited to apply. When registering in the online system, all candidates can apply for up to three destinations for any one selection procedure from among the places offered by the Charles University faculty where they are enrolled. Students gain access to the system by using their personal number (the eight-figure number on their student identity card below the photo) and the password that goes with the card. For further information concerning the application process see this website.

THE INTERVIEW usually takes place at the beginning of March. Applicants present their study plan, professional biography, list of results and last but not least their motivation behind their wish to study at a particular foreign university to the department committee (Erasmus+ coordinator plus one or two teachers from the department). Those students who wish to take the interview are required to submit printed versions of their professional biographies, motivation letters to all universities (specifying the choice of the university and possibly outlining the subjects they wish to study abroad) and a list of their university results from all years of study to the Erasmus+ coordinator at least 5 working days before the interview takes place. Students registered for full-time day study courses with good study results and well-thought study plan (of any nationality) are eligible. The selected candidates fill in the application forms, which are then sent to the host universities in April. For their Learning Agreement, students are encouraged to select courses carefully so that their credits earned abroad can be recognized at their home university. Our partner departments are mostly in the faculties of humanities, arts or letters, whose curricula do not always exactly correspond to the curriculum at the Faculty of Education in Prague. Erasmus students are generally invited to choose subjects offered by the partner English departments; however, they may choose to attend courses offered by other departments at the host university as well.

Once the students receive acceptance letters from their host universities, they arrange the remaining formalities with the Department of International Relations (Zahraniční oddělení) at the Faculty of Education.
While abroad, they are requested by the coordinator to write one structured interview (or information letter) per term and e-mail them to the coordinator. These letters are then put on the Erasmus+ blog on departmental webpage for other students to get a closer view of what the mobility is about. Besides the partner universities’ web pages, these letters provide very important information for all those intending to apply for an Erasmus+ mobility.

Further information is available from the English Department Erasmus+ Coordinator PhDr. Tereza Topolovská, Ph.D., e-mail:

The list of partner universities

Details about the whole procedure concerning outgoing students

The summary of the process concerning outgoing student mobility



Student Mobility – Incoming

Students from all partner departments of English are cordially invited to spend a semester or the whole academic year studying English at our Department of English Language and Literature at Charles University Prague.

The list of available courses

Nearly all the courses in our department are taught in English and through English, so students need not worry about not speaking Czech.

Incoming students are advised that if they choose other courses at the Faculty of Education, these will, most probably, be taught in Czech. However, courses in the Dept. of German, French and Russian will be taught mostly in those languages and if foreign students choose to study those, every effort will be made to accommodate them.

Charles University receives now only on-line applications.

Information about the application process

Deadlines (15 June and 31 October) need to be strictly observed.

Erasmus+ Coordinator for the Department of English Language and Literature is PhDr. Tereza Topolovská, Ph.D., e-mail:, who will try to answer any queries students intending to apply may have.

For more information visit The Department of International Relations (Zahraniční oddělení).