Entrance Exams – M.A.

Entrance exam requirements

The entrance examination for admission to the M.A. degree programme at the Department of English Language and Literature consists of two rounds – written and oral.

1st round: a written exam in which the applicant can score the maximum of 20 points. The written exam consists of two parts, a linguistic and a literature overview test. The points are equally divided between these two parts; for each test the maximum of 10 points can be achieved. All questions are multiple-choice. The linguistic test probes the applicant’s aptitude to analyse a given text with regard to its phonetic, phonological, morphological, lexicological and syntactic properties. The test verifies the candidate’s ability to contextualize and apply his or her theoretical knowledge to an authentic sample of text. The usage of essential terminology of the linguistic disciplines in question is presupposed. The literary part examines the applicant’s familiarity with the development of English and American literatures from their beginnings to the present, especially major developmental tendencies, representatives, works and historical contexts.

2nd round: an oral exam which takes 20 minutes and can earn the applicant the maximum of 10 points. The candidates are interviewed in pairs by an examination committee. In the first part candidates present their bachelor’s thesis, their teaching experience and motivation to study the selected study programme. The second part is a discussion about an education-related theme. The following criteria are assessed:

  1. correctness of the applicant’s English and the overall level of his or her speaking performance (maximum of 5 points)
  2. content of the applicant’s oral production, his or her ability to argue and reflect on one’s experience (maximum of 2 points)
  3. the applicant’s motivation towards entering the teacher-training programme (maximum of 3 points)

Procedure and approximate timing of the oral exam:

  1. welcome (2 min) – introduction of the committee, description of the exam and the assessment criteria
  2. introduction of the candidates (10 min; 5 min each) – each candidate briefly introduces himself or herself and is invited to present his or her bachelor thesis, describe his or her motivation to study in the teacher-training programme and finally talk about his or her teaching experience or any other working or leisure activity related to education
  3. discussion (4 min) – each couple is given a question and their task is to carry out an interactive discussion on the chosen topic
  4. evaluation of the candidates’ performance by the committee followed by the announcement of the final score of the exam (4 min)