Diploma (Final M.A.) Thesis

Guidelines for writing the Diploma (Final M.A.) Thesis

Diploma (Final M.A.) Thesis in English studies at the Department of English Language and Literature can be written in the following areas: methodology of English, English-written literatures (British, American, Canadian, Australian, etc.), English-written children’s literature, linguistic disciplines, and Anglophone cultural studies dealt with from a methodological perspective.

The thesis must be written in English and must contain a brief abstract both in English and Czech. It must have an introduction, a theoretical part (based on the study of relevant theoretical and scholarly literature published on the subject), the main body (practical/analytical/research-based) and a conclusion. It should have a minimum of 60 standard pages (108 000 symbols), including a list of cited sources (using the MLA citation rules) and excluding appendices. The theoretical part should not exceed one third of the whole text.

Defence and Assessment

It must be stressed that compilations of various secondary sources alone do not constitute the thesis and will not be accepted.

Any attempt at plagiarizing will disqualify the thesis and will lead to its non-acceptance.

More detailed information will be provided by the prospective supervisors.

Students are strongly encouraged to come up with their own ideas for the thesis’ topic. Individual students can contact the teachers of the subjects of their proposed theses in order to consult the feasibility of their topics.